ZOMG A NEW SMBC BOOK...and monocles?

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: The Most Dangerous Game

Seems like only yesterday when we were throwing Zach Weiner a party to celebrate his first-ever English book, but the prolific genius has already wrapped up his second compilation. The Most Dangerous Game is another 74 full-color pages of Zach's finest work, supplemented with the second installment of the Choose Your Own Adventure from the first book. Also, all of Breadpig's non-sustainable proceeds from the book are going straight to the fine folks at Khan Academy so they can keep turning the traditional education system on its head.

We will have a limited stock of these books at the SMBC booth at NYCC (#1724) on Saturday and Sunday, so come by early and get them signed by Zach! If you won't be in town, you can also pre-order them off of our online store.

In case you're concerned, this is more of a Rocky II than a Matrix 2 kind of sequel. I mean, just look at the polar bears.


Introducing...the Gentleman's Single-Use Unlubricated Monocle

Many moons ago, there was a SMBC comic about a monocle in a condom wrapper. We love turning the bizarre into reality, so when Zach approached us with the idea of making these, we said yes immediately. Now, with the help of engineer-and-occasional-curler Ben Peters and the artistic touch of steampunk god David Malki, we're proud to debut these beauties at NYCC on Saturday.


  • We did make some lubricated ones. They were too gross for the public.

    We will do our best to make them available online!

    Christina Xu on

  • on the “don’t make these a con-only item” front!
    Cameron on

  • These monocles need to be in the shop!

    guest on

  • I also know a few people who would totally buy a bunch of these. In fact, we’d like to install a vending machine in the toilets here at work!

    Myk on

  • You’re our target market of awesome! This is quite encouraging, thanks.

    sent from phone; disregard typos caused by ogre-thumbs http://about.me/alexis

    Alexis Ohanian on

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