Your Don't Mess With the Internet Billboards Are Up!

Posted by Alexis Ohanian on

Mad props to @iamweswilson for snapping this photo in San Antonio earlier today

January 18, 2012 was a watershed moment in the history of the internet. Millions came together to stop SOPA and PIPA and the fight isn't over. In March, we fundraised a reminder to the author of SOPA, Representative Lamar Smith -- in the form of a billboard right outside of his office in Texas. Thanks to all of your support (and NY startup Adstruc for the billboard assistance), we funded this project in less than two days.

Even better, we had enough for two billboards. The first is as close to his San Antonio office as we could get (Loop 410, 500 ft. east of Nacogdoches) and the second is in Austin (Lamar Blvd. -- yes, Lamar Blvd. -- between 12th St and 15th St -- his Austin office doesn't have any billboards nearby).

Our fabulous designer, Hadley, designed not only the billboard, but also these shirts! 

We're taking pre-orders and 10% from each sale support Fight For the Future, and the Internet Defense League's mission to "Make sure the internet never loses. Ever." You'll have a billboard for internet freedom on your chest and at the same time support the organizations defending it.

Visit Fight For the Future announcement and be sure to sign up for their mailing list if you haven't already.

To quote FFtF founder, Holmes Wilson: "Anyone running for office in 2012 needs to remember that this year, internet freedom became a top political issue for millions of American voters, they're ready to support candidates who listen." 

Austin, TX - on Lamar Blvd.


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