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When Ryan North (author of Dinosaur Comics and the Adventure Time comics, editor of Machine of Death, and really tall dude) approached us about a project, we said "YES" before he even finished (or started, really) telling us what the project would be of. We created a suitably epic campaign for Ryan's Shakespearean choosable path adventure: brainstorming rewards (we're particularly proud of the skull bookmark), planning stretch goals, and sourcing vendors and printers for all the goods. We also handled all the production, fulfillment, and customer service for the actual rewards so that Ryan could focus on his next project faster.
Science is the 4th book we've published with Zach--and the most popular! We helped him prepare the book for publishing, brainstormed rewards and stretch goals, gave him advice throughout the campaign, and handled all of the production and fulfillment for the project.
"If it weren't for Breadpig's powers of logistics and promotion, I would currently be in a dark room, cackling to myself as visions of spreadsheets danced before my addled eyes.  Thanks to Breadpig, I am currently in a dark room, cackling to myself while writing stories and drawing comics." - Zach Weinersmith, Creator of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.
We worked with the creators of Story War to plan an overall framework for the campaign, brainstorm rewards and stretch goals, and get the attention of the press. We also helped to engineer the cross-promotions with other prominent creators that made Story War a huge crossover hit.

""Breadpig was a great resource for connecting us with the Kickstarter community and other communities that we weren't familiar with. Our initial promotion all came from Tumblr and YouTube but Breadpig helped us tap into Reddit and Kickstarter cross-promotions. I've thought about the numbers a lot and I'm pretty sure we would've made half as much money had it not been for Breadpig's assistance. Well worth it." - Brad O'Farrell, CEO, Cantrip Games


Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegner make Atomic Robo and that takes up a lot of their time. Fans understood this but also had a growing bloodlust for merchandise with their atomic hero on it. This led to them pleading to us for weapons and shelter, we instead developed tiers, rewards, presentation, stretch goals, managed freelancers, worked on campaign press and managed fulfillment of rewards.
"This was our first campaign and it was smooth sailing from start to finish all because of Breadpig. They handled all the baffling parts from sourcing production to projecting costs and fulfillment. Thanks to their expertise, our campaign was on cruise control to 1,800% funded. There is no way we could have managed that on our own." - Brian Clevinger, Author, Atomic Robo
"Bee and PuppyCat" is a very popular original cartoon created by Natasha Allegri. In it, Bee, an out-of-work twenty-something, has a life-changing collision with a mysterious creature she names PuppyCat ("A cat?... or maybe a dog?"). Between space and time, Bee and PuppyCat take on an intergalactic babysitting gig to pay another month’s rent. Now, you can help Bee write a happy ending for PuppyCat’s tale of betrayal, intrigue, and magical sparkle transformations.
We helped Frederator go directly to their fans to secure funding for the show rather than using traditional methods of funding which often takes years to come through. We're incredibly excited to be helping such an amazing studio and a fantastic creator work directly with their fans!


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